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Lloyd Moberg

VP, Global Quality and Regulatory Affairs at Church & Dwight

Excellent, practical course in effective problem solving. Both instructors use skill and humor with practical case studies to reinforce the tools.


Steve Ladwig

CAPA Coordinator at DDL, Inc.

I originally attended a two-day seminar provided by Rob. It was a big eye opener for me seeing how to systematically perform a root cause investigation. I was sent to the training by my previous employer as we were having difficulties identifying the root cause on a manufacturing issue that was approximately one-year-old and causing a substantial increase in customer complaints. I was ready to tackle the problem after returning from the Weaver Consulting training and was told by a couple of engineers “Thanks for your input but all that CAPA training is the same and it won’t work here”.  After about two more weeks of not being able to find the root cause I started my own investigation using the techniques Rob had shown me and identified a pattern, I brought this information to the quality engineer.  We then started using some of the tools and techniques, approximately one month later the root cause was identified.  I was hired at DDL approximately one year ago to help resolve the CAPA problems that were being experienced.  When I was first hired DDL had over 80 open corrective actions and over 20 preventive actions. I immediately noticed there was no system in place to perform a root cause investigation. I started implementing the Weaver system and teaching everyone the basic concepts of “tightening the fence”. We were able to reduce the number of CAPAs from over 100 to under 25. The Weaver technique works, follow the process that Rob lays out and you will have success identifying and eliminating the root cause.


Srinivasan Vasudevan

Engineering Manager at Apple

Rob’s passion and belief in CAPA was real and infectious. I am extremely driven to apply these tools into enhancing my career and adding value to my organization.


Jim Handzo

Quality Manager at Mallinckrodt (formerly Ikaria)

I have had the opportunity to work with Rob three times in the past few months as he delivered Root Cause Investigation training at all of Ikaria's sites. The training was a tremendous success due in no small part to Rob's detailed knowledge of the subject, creative and practical application of the associated tools, and marvelously engaging delivery style. I wholeheartedly recommend him and look forward to future opportunities to engage his services for Ikaria.


Dana Mitchell

Manager, Instrument Flight Procedures at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

A great course with content to assist any profession.


Ryan Vance

Manufacturing Engineer at Oberg Medical

Rob's seminar on root cause investigation was very helpful and informational. He is very familiar and enthusiastic about what he covered during the seminar. I'd highly recommend him because of his familiarity with the material and application of tools to real world problems.


Shawn Wees

Quality Assurance Engineer at Plantronics

This course has helped me leverage my experience and statistical knowledge by providing a structured methodology to target root cause efficiently. An excellent use of my time and money.


Richard Wilson

Director of Supply Chain Development at Holly Hunt Corporation

Rob presents several well-chosen scenarios that are applicable to virtually any industry. The course is well-paced, interactive, and maintains a consistently interesting momentum. In short, I learned a lot and enjoyed doing so.


Dilip Singil

Environmental Compliance Program Manager at the U.S. Geological Survey

One of the best courses I have taken. I intend to use this structured approach to conduct root cause analysis and develop CAPA for regulatory problems.


Maegan McGee

CAPA Engineering at Cook Medical

Recently I attended Rob Weaver’s 2-day workshop on Root Cause Investigation for CAPA. This 2-day program furthered my understanding in the 7-step root cause analysis methodology. This training was extremely beneficial to strengthening my knowledge and practicing the skills on complex issues. Rob’s approach to root cause analysis training is very well organized, time productive, and professional.


Towanda Livingston

Director, Supplier Diversity Office at the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

This course is ideal for improving your customer value stream and customer focus. WIN-WIN. Recommend all levels of management take this course.


Zachary Korte

Quality Engineer at Cook Medical

I took Rob's Root Cause Analysis course and was impressed by his ability to present information in a quick, understandable way. His course is hands-on, which is the perfect amount of practice for a potentially vague topic.


Gordon Minter

Quality Engineer II at Edwards Lifesciences

Rob's 2-day training on Root Cause Analysis was not just educational and informative, but very enjoyable! The training was very organized and the information was presented very well and with great detail. The mix of looking at examples, and then practicing what you learned in small groups - combined with short presentations - made learning very intuitive and allowed topics to build on each other.

Rob is an engaging teacher who presents the material in a fun manner, and encourages and elicits participation from everybody. The topics taught have already proven useful in my work, and the tools provided have allowed me to do my job better. I would recommend Rob and his Root Cause Analysis training to anyone who needs to solve problems in their work, or in any part of their life.


Alison Sommer

Credit Card Compliance Officer at Citi

I went through root cause analysis training with Rob Weaver last month an it was the best training class I have ever attended. Rob is not only very knowledgeable concerning this subject but very engaging with the participants and made it fun!


Brian Stewart

Director of Quality & Continuous Improvement at Oberg Industries

I recently attended Rob's Root Cause course. Rob is an organized, informative and effective trainer and consultant. The Weaver approach is logical and approachable. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and plan to put the new knowledge to use in my business immediately.


Michael Adams

R&D Mfg Engineer at Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Rob has a great approach to filling in some potential gaps that I see many engineers falling into during the DMAIC process. Learning and using these tools will be a great addition to my six sigma tool box and will forever alter the way I look at my data. I would absolutely recommend Rob, and Weaver consulting root cause analysis trainings to anyone interested in honing their process development skills.


David Hathaway

Process Quality Engineer at Zimmer Biomet

Rob came to our facility to conduct a two-day CAPA Root Cause identification training for various personnel and groups here.

As a consultant and trainer I found Rob to be very knowledgeable and familiar with the concepts and materials he presented to us and trained us on.

His training method was easy going but concise and too the point. He included humor and seriousness to keep the students/audience involved and active. Rob was quick on his feet with answers to possible questions/scenarios that he may not have had previously. He was detailed and specific and communicated well to everyone (he did not talk down to anyone nor "over our heads". He was careful to ensure everyone understood and was following along. Several of the class participants I spoke with after said they wished we would have had this training a long time ago, and they couldn't wait to start using the tools and skills they had just learned. As a consultant, trainer and facilitator I would recommend Rob and his company to anyone needing support and training for root cause analysis investigation.


Mark Adams

Technical Advisor at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Rob is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and keeps the leaning continuous throughout course.


Terry Snyder

Design Quality Engineer at Biomet

Just finished Rob's training for Corrective and Preventative Action. His expertise and thorough presentation made the experience enjoyable and educational. I am looking forward to utilizing the process as soon as possible.


Gabriel Robb

Sr. Quality Engineer at Oberg Medical

I had the pleasure of attending Rob Weaver's two-day Root-Cause Analysis training session. It was probably the best training that I have had to date on the subject. Rob is energetic and enthusiastic, and keeps the class moving at a nice pace. The subject matter was clearly explained using real case studies and team exercises to drive the topic home. I have no problem recommending this class to anyone who performs problem solving and root cause analysis as part of their job responsibilities.


Bradley Osborne

Director, Supply Chain at Cogmedix

Our organization retained Rob to conduct Root Cause Analysis training. Rob's delivery of this course was outstanding. He was not only well-versed in the many problem solving tools available, but was enthusiastic and engaging in his delivery of the material. As with any course, the real ROI will be in how our organization implements the tools provided and in how well we are able to integrate these methodologies into our culture, but without a doubt, Rob has set us up for success in this arena.


Bill Bell

Manufacturing Manager at Oberg Industries

Recently went through Rob's class on Root Cause Investigation for CAPA...was an excellent class. Most seminars you find a few value added items, tis class was pack full of value!


Jasmin Zunzunia

Operations Manager at Qualcomm

I attended Rob's Root Cause Investigation for CAPA course last week and wish I had the opportunity to take it sooner. This is one of - if not the best training courses I have taken. Rob is a very engaging and captivating instructor, and he explains things in a clear and concise manner. He truly makes the course as interesting and entertaining as possible because let's face it - root cause analysis is not exactly the most exciting topic. I highly recommend Weaver Consulting to anyone new to CAPA or looking to improve their existing CAPA process - you won't regret it.


Scott Pollock

Failure Investigation Department Manager at Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.

Rob's command over structured problem solving techniques is truly evident if you attend one of his seminars. I was privileged to attend his 2-day workshop on Root Cause Analysis and enjoyed every minute of it. I now have more tools on my belt to apply at a job that demands it.


Marina Belilovets

Quality Engineering at BBraun Medical

I recently had root cause investigation for CAPA class with Weaver Consulting. I enjoyed the energetic atmosphere, interesting cases and examples and is ready to apply gained knowledge on the daily basis.

I highly recommend Rob Waiver as a facilitator and instructor for your class and want to thank Rob for his hard work.


Brian Bazar

Financial Services Executive at Citi

I attended a two day training session that Rob led on Root Cause Analysis. Rob is a great communicator and is very enthusiastic with his delivery. His subject matter knowledge was evident and I learned new techniques that I will be able to employ.


John Ferrin

Director of Compliance/Fraud Management Officer

I recently attended a 2-day seminar where Rob taught us how to investigate root causes by the use of various techniques and tools. His delivery of the material was seamless and the program was excellent. I see instant applicability of his workshop content in my organization.


Ken Swegman

Manufacturing/Design Integration Manager at Vericor Power Systems

Rob is very detailed oriented in explaining and teaching CAPA. He has a lot of knowledge in this subject matter and explains how this process can be applied to all industries. His training is very thorough and the tools that he shares with you are extremely helpful in implementing the CAPA process.


Chuck Hulette

Sr. Manager, Engineering & Corporate Support at Ricoh

I participated in a two-day workshop regarding Root Cause Analysis which was led by Rob Weaver, and Rob's facilitation was both energetic and informative. Combining a step-by-step methodology with real-world examples were key in demonstrating the value of this systematic approach. Rob's presentation and communication skills are highly effective, and the information provided with the workshop is extremely useful.


Mark Morgan

Senior Lean Manager at Kellogg Company

You would think that a 2 Day Root Cause Analysis Training Session would be very stiff, boring and just the same thing you have heard before with a different twist. Well that is not what Rob provides. He showed me new tools that I hadn't seen in over 30 years in manufacturing, a logical process to follow that he presented with excellent case studies, lively breakout sessions and in a very captivating overall format. My team is already looking how we can apply our key learnings from this session. Highly recommended to push your problem solving process to the next level.


David McNally

Senior Scientist II Process Development

I attended "Root Cause Investigation for CAPA" training and found the techniques taught very applicable for use in cGMP manufacturing. Rob was a great instructor, he turned what could have been a very dull learning experience into something very engaging and provided compelling reasons to utilize the tools and techniques he taught.


John Twohy

R&D Engineer I at Lutonix (a subsidiary of CR Bard)

Rob provided useful resources and a helpful overview of the Root Investigation Process. Training was interesting, comprehensive, and well worth it.


Shannon Mohanty

Sr. Design Assurance Engineer II at Volcano Corporation

Rob conducted one of the best training seminar's I've attended, I would highly recommend Weaver Consulting for any individual or company looking for Root Cause Analysis training!


F. Michael Hudson, Ph.D.

Senior Applications Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific

I attended the seminar and found it very informative. Rob is an excellent and engaging presenter.


Vincent Aduda

Project Leader/Sr. Research Chemist at Nitto Denko Avecia Inc.

Rob’s approach to root cause investigation training is engaging, interactive & fun. He expertly breaks down all the steps involved in CAPA investigations and goes into great detail on how to collect and analyze data. His embedded real-life case studies provide an instant opportunity for his trainees to apply the skills learned in solving the problem as the training progresses. I highly recommend Weaver Consulting LLC’s ‘Root Cause Investigation for CAPA’ for anyone who routinely performs root cause investigations and would like to improve this skill set.


Terry Raikes

Sr. Process Engineer at Lead Lok

I highly recommend Weaver Consulting. I attended one of their training seasons on Root Cause Investigation for CAPA and found it well run and extremely informative. I immediately started using the techniques I learned in the training program. Bob Weaver who taught the class was very professional and well organized.


Patty Belhumeur

Manufacturing Training & Compliance Coordinator at Nitto Denko Avecia Inc.

My company Nitto Avecia arranged a training on “Root Cause Investigation of CAPA” for 31 employees. The Training was presented by Robert H Weaver, Weaver Consulting LLC. Considering the broad range employees attending this training have different levels of experience with Root Cause Investigations Rob did an excellent job of walking us through Weaver’s methodology of “Root Cause Investigation” clearly and effectively. Time management and organization was on the mark (well done). There was a great amount of focus on team effort in resolving the real life technical problems that were provided to us. Thank you Rob it was a pleasure taking your training course and walking away with your 7 Step Process and Investigation Road Map clearly defining your methodology of "Root Cause Investigations" these tools will be used to help me have continued success in my position at Nitto Avecia as Operations Support Coordinator.


Wendy Winter

Senior Product Manager

I took Rob's Root Cause Investigation for CAPA seminar last week and found it immensely helpful and informative. I would highly recommend this class for any person who deals with complex issues and problems and needs to get to the root cause of that problem. The class was well laid-out; Rob covered the materials in the hand out and I felt engaged during the full two days.


Nan Su

Director of R&D at Advanced Cell Diagnostics

Rob is an outstanding instructor and an expert in conducting root cause investigation. His seminar was extremely useful to help professionals from all industries to conduct investigation and troubleshooting on complex problems. I would highly recommend that any person that needs to perform such tasks attend Rob's seminar.


Donna Baker

Corporate Quality Auditor at Chattem, Inc.

Rob was extremely knowledgeable about Root Cause Investigation for CAPA. His presentation was engaging and interesting. This course is a great investment and I highly recommend it to anyone considering it.


Bill Kilby

Senior Quality Engineer at Humanscale

My organization recently participated in a CAPA seminar with a focus on root cause analysis. Rob is an excellent speaker. Rob does a nice job of delivering his message with an excellent compilation of material and a good infusion of examples that keep the interest of his audience. I would recommend your organization look into enlisting your employees in one of Rob's seminars


Richard Williams

Training Manager at Global Jet Services Inc.

Rob is by far one of the best presenters I have had the pleasure of listening to. His seminar on Root Cause Analysis is informative, interesting, presents some very interesting concepts on the subject, and most importantly, the information and techniques are highly applicable to real world investigations. Highly recommended.


Kishore Ramachandran

Senior Scientist at Synta Pharmaceuticals

I had attended a two seminar/training on CAPA provided by Rob. The time was well spent!! Rob provided a full, methodical course on conducting a successful CAPA. As Rob walked through the entire process, the handouts, case studies that he had provided were very useful I have a better understanding and appreciation of this key compliance topic after attending this training.


Chantal Bichet

Senior Quality Specialist

I attended a Root Cause Investigation for CAPA seminar last week for which Rob was the trainer/instructor. Rob lead training which used a very unique approach to solving complex problems and drilling down to the true root cause. We've all been trained on some of the various RC Analysis Tools that are out there and have them in our toolbox, but the system he trained us on was a very systematic approach. His approach combined using several different RC tools in a precise systematic way which gets you to where you need to be a lot faster and more efficiently than using any of the RC tools in ones toolbox by itself. I highly recommend Rob and Weaver Consulting for this type of training in the past and will definitely be recommending to some colleagues.


Inessa Miller

Quality Professional at Nanosphere

Rob is a fantastic public speaker who managed to engage, and even entertain, the audience during a seminar which many attendees feared would be boring. Instead, the training was anything but boring, and my colleagues and I still talk about how useful and immediately applicable it was! Rob used real-life examples to make the problem-solving skills he was teaching us as hands-on as possible. He interacted with the trainees in a friendly and confident manner, yet he also knew how to move the discussion along so as to ensure the training was on schedule. As a result, the pace of the training was even and comfortable throughout -- with no slow-poking at the beginning, and no galloping at the end. I really hope that my company arranges more training for us with Rob Weaver as the presenter.


David S Stott II

R&D Manager - Sun Products Corporation

Rob provided CAPA training to myself and my group. Considering the subject matter, the class was engaging and moved very quickly. The material was covered thoroughly, and Rob's passion for the information was obvious.


Wendy Staats

Mechanical Engineer

Rob did an excellent job of training our group on Root Cause Investigations. In a short amount of time, he covered a substantial amount of material, using practical real-world examples and exercises to instill the information. He was extremely professional every step of the way, and had a very dynamic teaching style which made what might be considered a very dry topic quite interesting and enjoyable!


James Mayuric

Manufacturing Engineer at Oberg Industries

I recently attended Rob's 'Root Cause Investigation for CAPA' 2-day course. Rob is an energetic and well organized trainer. The course is hands-on with lots of real life examples. This has been the best training I have received to date.


Winston Snider

Store Systems Engineering Manager at GameStop

I recently attended Rob's 2 day workshop on 'Root Cause Analysis for CAPA'. Rob is an energetic speaker who keeps attendees on track. He has put together clear real world examples used in the workshop. I had some questions before signing up for the workshop and Rob was prompt and professional in answering my questions. In my 20+ year career where the basics of Root Cause Analysis are frequently performed informally, this workshop validated and built upon my experience. Based on my 'street' knowledge of the process, I couldn't find a single change that I would make to the material, Rob covered it completely.

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